Carefree Summer! 




May is fleeting.  Memorial Day is quickly approaching.  June brings the wonders of children and summer vacation.  What are your plans for summer?


May I suggest a carefree summer by not worrying about the computer?  Customers who have installed and are currently using "Remote Managed Care (RMC)" have been enjoying unfettered problems, more disk space and better overall performance, as well as experiencing fewer problems with their systems.


What is the solution to all of this?  


Remote Managed Care includes an anti-virus program.  Cost for the monitoring service and antivirus service is $5.00 a month per workstation or laptop computer.  The server monitoring service is $25.00 a month per server.  Additional charges will be billed if we need to intervene to manually adjust settings or other technical support issues.  Remote access service is billed in tenths of hours for work performed.  We do not bill while we are waiting for actions to complete. 


How does the software work?


By allowing the Remote Managed Care (RMC) software to monitor the operating system on your computer, it will identify the updates that must be made and install them and monitor disc activities while taking corrective action as necessary.  The anti-virus solution, which is included, is checking for any unwanted threats and removing them from your system.  Many of the tasks identified as needing corrective action are shown in our daily reports and we will send the instructions to your computer to execute.  This aspect of the service is included in the normal monthly fee.


What about privacy?


Your data privacy is protected.  The software does not report or disclose any personal information from your system.  If a technician needs to intervene and work on your system, you will be notified first and only with your permission will a remote session begin.


Are you ready to give it a try?


Download and install our software and start your carefree summer with our service. Free download at click here to download the installer for a 14 day free trial. 


A valid email address is required to download the software so we can send you a status report of your system.  


If you are not satisfied with the software, you can uninstall it or notify us and we will uninstall the software for you and it will cost you nothing.  


The Solution Centre is looking forward to working for you.


Ken Brown  

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